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NOW OPEN! Lemoore, Ca. Aberdeen, SD.
NOW OPEN! Lemoore, Ca. Aberdeen, SD.

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Air Roasted, Whats The Difference?

Air Roasted, Whats The Difference?

As the master roaster at Rare Earth Coffee, I have firsthand experience with both air roasting and drum roasting methods. In this article, I'll share my insights into the differences between these two methods and explain why we at Rare Earth Coffee prefer air roasting.

Air roasting coffee involves using hot air to roast the beans, while drum roasting uses a rotating drum to roast the beans. One of the main differences between these methods is the level of control over the roast. With air roasting, we have much more control over the roast, which allows us to create a more consistent product. We can adjust the temperature and airflow to create the perfect roast for each batch of coffee. This control is particularly important when working with high-quality beans from small, family-owned farms. We want to bring out the unique flavor profile of each bean, and air roasting allows us to do just that.

Another advantage of air roasting is the clean, smooth taste it produces. The even heat distribution of air roasting allows the beans to roast evenly and develop a complex flavor profile without the bitter or burnt taste that can occur with drum roasting. This is particularly important when roasting specialty coffees that have unique flavor profiles that need to be preserved.

At Rare Earth Coffee, we also take a sustainable approach to coffee production. We source beans from small, family-owned farms that use environmentally friendly and ethical farming practices. This approach not only helps preserve the natural environment but also supports the livelihoods of farmers and their communities.

We invite you to visit our Rare Earth Roastery located at 587 Park Creek Drive in Clovis, CA, to see our air roasting process firsthand. We're passionate about creating high-quality, sustainable coffee, and we love sharing our passion with others. You can taste the difference that air roasting makes in our coffee, and we think you'll agree that it's the superior method for producing high-quality, flavorful coffee.

In conclusion, as the master roaster at Rare Earth Coffee, I can confidently say that air roasting produces a cleaner, smoother, and more consistent cup of coffee than drum roasting. It also allows us to bring out the unique flavor profile of each bean and support sustainable farming practices. If you're a coffee lover who values quality, sustainability, and great taste, we invite you to visit our roastery and taste the difference for yourself.

587 Park Creek Drive Clovis, Ca. 93611

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