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NOW OPEN! Lemoore, Ca. Aberdeen, SD.
NOW OPEN! Lemoore, Ca. Aberdeen, SD.

Kona Coffee Tasting Class

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Experience the Rich Flavors of Hawaii: Kona Coffee Tasting Class at Rare Earth Coffee

Embark on a flavorful journey to the Hawaiian Islands with Rare Earth Coffee's exclusive Kona Coffee Tasting Class. In this immersive experience, you'll discover the unique tastes and aromas of five exquisite Kona coffees, each handpicked from the finest estates in Hawaii.

Our expertly guided class takes you through the delicate nuances of Kona coffee, revered globally for its rich, smooth, and aromatic profile. Using the pour over method, we meticulously brew each variety to perfection, ensuring you savor the distinctive characteristics that make Kona coffee a world-class beverage.

As you indulge in these exceptional coffees, our knowledgeable roasters will share insights into the fascinating journey of Kona coffee beans, from their volcanic Hawaiian soil origins to your cup. Learn about the art and science of coffee roasting and how it enhances the unique flavors of each Kona blend.

Join us at the Rare Earth Roastery for an unforgettable tasting experience, where you'll deepen your appreciation for coffee and take home a newfound love for Hawaii's most celebrated brew. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a curious novice, our Kona Coffee Tasting Class is a perfect blend of education, exploration, and pleasure.

Sign up now and be part of this exclusive coffee adventure, where every sip tells a story of Hawaiian heritage and coffee craftsmanship.


Class Location: 587 Park Creek Drive Clovis, Ca. 93611

This class is an in person class and not offered virtually. 


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