Join A Winning Coffee Team

At Rare Earth we offer the opportunity to license our name as well as our operational program. When you sign up to become a license coffee shop owner you will have the experience and knowledge of our staff behind you.

Marketing Your Coffee Shop

Our staff works constantly to promote our brand through online and traditional marketing techniques. Social media is a big asset to growing our coffee shop sales, and we place a large focus on this. In conjunction with our social media marketing efforts, we have recently debuted our mobile app. This allows customers to keep up with our brand as well as track their loyalty stamps through the app.



The beginning phases of owning a coffee shop are often the most daunting. We experience in permitting and construction of coffee shops, this gives us the ability to make the opening process smooth and simple.



We all know that the biggest key in being a successful coffee shop is serving exceptional drinks. We have constructed our recipes to offer customers the highest quality coffee and espresso drinks available. If you join our team you can be confident that the product you are serving is truly exceptional.



We have developed a set of best practices when it comes to operating our coffee shops. Our license shop owners are equipped with the tools and knowledge to keep their business in check and to grow.


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